Foundations: Rooted in God’s Story

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By This Name book

(Click the above link to download the pdf file of the “By This Name” Book.)

Main Idea:

This study traces the major plotline of the Bible, through a chronological approach, revealing a unified Biblical narrative and the ways in which the major Biblical events relate to tell one overarching story. The focus of this study gives the participant further understanding of how the meta-narrative impacts one’s ability to interpret the details of Scripture and encourages one’s desire to find their place within the plan of God as it is worked out in history.


Understanding the main narrative of God’s Word enables a person to be secure in their faith, to be hopeful and to be rooted in what God has promised. Our desire for everyone who participates in this study is to grow in their knowledge of God, to grow spiritually, to give answers to some of life’s hardest questions and to develop disciples who are making disciples.


The Tree Principle @ Higher Hope Church:

         Roots – Be Rooted in Christ and in His Word (Col. 2.7)

         Trunk – Foundational growth, application of truth, how you live out the “roots” in your marriage, parenting, relationship, finances, church life, work life, … storms of life causing stability and strength.

         Branches – His life being lived out in you, people seeing Jesus through your actions, decisions, … We, Higher Hope Church, also put ministry in this category; such as “Calling” (Mt. 28.18-20), individual purpose in God’s calling “remain/be used where you are” (1 Cor.); small groups, teaching, preaching, hospitality, care, visiting, parenting, …

         Fruit – Produced by the Spirit as you obey Him. Lives being changed. Evidence of working with God.


We praise God for what He will do in your life as you participate in this study!

Topics for this course

30 Lessons

The Unique Book Chapter 1

What is a worldview?
Some thoughts on God’s heart
Review of chapter 1 topics

The Beginning of Everything Chapter 2

The Person of God Chapter 3

The Choice Chapter 4

Certificate of Debt Chapter 5

Faith Choice Chapter 6

Israel, Egypt, Passover Chapter 7

The Sea, The Rules, The Calf Chapter 8

Israel’s History!

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